Equipment strength
The company has several special paper production lines with international advanced level, specializing in the research and development and production of various high-end medical packaging, food packaging, cigarette accessories and industrial technology and other series of special papers.
Each production line is controlled by an online intelligent control system
QCS quantitative control system was introduced one by one from Honeywell Meijie of the United States
The transmission control system was introduced one by one from the American AB company
The paper disease detection system realizes the transition from special inspection to full inspection one by one
Further improve the ability to control product quality
DCS control system realizes online monitoring and management of production operations one by one
Management advantage
Pay attention to process detail management to avoid affecting production and product quality due to errors in process details.
Carry out self-inspection and self-inspection activities for all employees on the production line, and set up self-inspection and self-inspection awards to further improve the enthusiasm of employees for self-inspection, and implement management work to every post and every employee.
Carry out 6 management activities company-wide, through the implementation of tidying, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, safety, and quality, stabilize product quality, improve work sites, and realize man-made environment and environmental education.
technology R & D
Innovation gives value. The company pays attention to the leading role of technological innovation. Through continuous technological transformation and innovation, it improves the quality level and realizes product upgrading.
The company has a total of more than 10 invention patents and utility model patents, independently researched and developed high-stiffness straw lining paper, new water- and oil-proof base paper, low-quantity non-wax-free functional food packaging paper, radiation sterilization medical paper, and low-quantity coating Cloth-type food packaging paper and high-stiffness straw facial paper were recognized as provincial-level industrial new products in Zhejiang Province, and white food-grade water- and oil-repellent base paper was listed as a project of the National Torch Program. “The key to the preparation of high-performance water- and oil-repellent food paper The “Technology R&D and Industrialization” project and the “Medical Antibacterial Packaging Paper Key Technology Development and Industrialization” project were awarded the second and third prizes for scientific and technological progress by the China National Light Industry Council. They successfully realized the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and achieved Good economic and social benefits.
Harmony and nature
Pay equal attention to humanities and green, promote the construction of a harmonious society. Protect the environment, carry out resource recycling, and develop a low-carbon economy.
The company has set up an environmental management center and an energy management office to carry out a series of energy-saving, emission-reduction and energy-saving activities. In 2004, the company was rated as Zhejiang Green Enterprise, and was the first paper-making enterprise in the province to be awarded the title of Green Enterprise. In 2010, it was rated as Zhejiang Province's Circular Economy Demonstration Enterprise, realizing the harmony and unity of economy, society, environment and benefits.
Win-win culture
The company aims to become a leader in the medical and food packaging industries, make the company more refined and stronger, achieve branding and scale, implement the cultural concept of "self-improvement, benign competition, respect for talents, and seek common development", and focus on corporate culture Building, we propose that there is no product without character", promote people-oriented, respect knowledge, respect people, enhance the life value of employees, strengthen the team spirit and corporate cohesion of employees, and realize the harmonious development of the company and employees. Employees rely on the company’s Platform to realize the prosperity of life and the exertion of self-worth.